Manufacturer Representatives to the Systems Integration Market

Harman Professional

Harman Professional is the world’s largest professional audio company. Harman Professional companies include AKG Acoustics®, BSS Audio®, Crown International®, dbx Professional®, JBL Speakers, JBL Commercial Audio Products, Lexicon Pro®, Soundcraft®, and Studer®. These companies design, manufacture and market leading professional audio products for recording and broadcast, musicians, cinema, touring sound, commercial sound and contracting applications.

JBL Commercial Audio Demo Kits

OPTIMAL AUDIO RESULTS IN A CONVENIENT, MONEY-SAVING KIT - Add an all-JBL demo system to your showroom to easily make commercial audio part of your offerings. Let your customer discover the unmatched quality of an all-JBL audio system designed especially for commercial environments and grow your business. Save 25% over individual component purchases.

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