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Code Blue ToolVox® Upgrade Program Save 25% or more on ToolVox hardware with software support purchase if you order by April 29, 2016! Upgrade your infrastructure, update your interfaces and improve your provisioning options with Code Blue’s sophisticated ToolVox X3 systems management platform. Our Advanced Replacement option eliminates downtime!

NOTE: Before beginning the upgrade process, please contact Technical Support at 800-205-7186 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see if your ToolVox can be upgraded and if stock is available.


Reconditioned Legacy 4U ToolVox OR New ToolVox X3

Legacy 4U ToolVox - The ToolVox software upgrade is free with the purchase of annual maintenance. If the ToolVox can be upgraded, it does not need to be shipped to Code Blue, which will send out an update disc instead.

If the ToolVox cannot be upgraded, it must be shipped to the Code Blue RMA Department to be reloaded. Shipping is covered by the customer, both ways, for a 24-hour turnaround as long as the ToolVox has no cards that need to be replaced.

If card replacement is needed, three days will be required so Code Blue’s RMA Department can run tests and determine what needs to be replaced. The customer then will pay for the replacement parts needed, in addition to the cost of the upgrade, based on the chosen maintenance plan.

Customers with the legacy Blue Alert® software package will be upgraded to the Blue Alert MNS Audio Visual software package. Customers also will automatically receive the ToolVox UPD software package with an upgrade.

Download complete information here.